Fink’s Lobster Run

So, Why Is a BBQ Place Doing Lobster?

Short answer: Lobster is awesome.

Longer answer: A long, long time ago, Fink worked at a hotel on The Isles of Shoals, seven miles out in the gulf of Maine. There wasn’t much to do out there except eat lobster, because what the Shoals DID have was a lobsterman who lived at the end of Gosport Harbor with his family. So Fink got himself a rowboat, headed across the harbor, and introduced himself to the Foye Family. For many years, the Foyes have sold the freshest and sweetest Lobster and Lobster Rolls, of which  Fink has happily eaten hundreds.

Currently the Maine Lobstermen are having as much trouble as the rest of the food industry. The lobster fleet needs customers to stay in business, but their distribution network is down and their biggest customers, restaurants, are mostly closed. So, Fink reached out to the Foyes and planned a roadtrip to fetch a bunch of fresh Maine lobsters for all his hungry customers. And it was a such a smashing success, that he decided to turn this lobster escapade into a weekly offering. And Fink’s Lobster Run was born.

Due to dining restrictions being lifted, Fink’s is currently unable to offer personal lobster runs. However, we are still offering fresh lobster rolls and lobster bisque at our Suffern, NY location!